NHL 13 Midnight Wrap Up

This is my final post today. I wanted to end on a brighter note than my 9/11 Remembrance.

Last night I went to my first Midnight launch as a customer. I had worked them before, but never actually gone to one to buy something. And boy was it exciting just to be there.

Mr. Sedin himself

The launch was for NHL 13, and it was at Metro Town Mall. There was 3 line ups going on and I must admit, I had to talk to a security guy AND the manager at that EB Games to understand which line-up I should go into, as I was buying Battlefield 3 Premium, not NHL. Everyone lined up was super excited, especially the people that got to meet, get photographs taken with, and get an autograph from Henrik Sedin, the Swedish captain of the Vancouver Canucks. The captain of the hockey team of my favorite, and in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the world. I must admit, even I would have been very excited to have had the chance as well if I was there for NHL13. But I did get to see him, and his manager told me to come back tomorrow, because (he said) they were only selling NHL last night.


Aside from the senseless rudeness of this man in a suit, it was a great night. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation and celebration. People lined up this year as they had the year before, and the year before that. As someone who is a huge fan of the sport of Hockey, I must also admit that I’ve never purchased a hockey game, but this line up alone made me wish to change that fact about myself. For even a rude man in a suit can’t change my outlook on one of my favorite hobbies, and communities as well: The world of Gaming.

I can see myself going to more midnight launches just to go to them. Even if I’m not that interested in the game, it’s a cool way to talk with other gamers (it can even be freezing at times). It’s also a great way to talk strategy as I once overheard at a World of Warcraft midnight launch at future shop on my way home from work one night. Events like this bring us together rather than have us chatting over a mic from the comforts of home, and though that is appealing, we all need to come out from the shadows once in a while.

Click here to watch the IGN review of NHL13:



Also, side note, if you’re a fan of Borderlands, or Call of Duty, look forward to those midnight launches coming soon. It’ll be worth the wait!

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