Hello to all of my followers,

just wanted to keep you updated on where I’m at with the Millennial Perspective blog right now. The site is under construction but it won’t go down. I’d love to get your ideas for the re-design, let me know what you’d like to see. Right now I just want to make navigation easier as the blogs are building up.

I’ve recently gotten business cards developed to help get people in the entertainment business to have my work email to further my network and hopefully get to a place where this blog can have its own network in topics I’m interested in but can’t feature in ABORT Magazine.

Ideally I’d like Millennial Perspective to be a business with employees as I feel in today’s age the Millennial Perspective itself needs to be heard and seen more than the more aging perspectives. The recent global upheavals such as Brexit and the American presidential election showed that us Millennials are very important and we can make or break the society we reside in wherever that may be.

For us to be taken more seriously, we need to keep the communication on topics open to discussion. Dialogue is always essential and I hope that the Millennial Perspective will be a place for peaceful discussion as I evolve it for the future.

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